Thursday, June 20, 2024

Afghanistan required strong relationship with Pakistan: Ahmad Shah Massoud

LONDON: (Monitoring Desk) The son of famed Afghan politician, Ahmed Shah Massoud has remarked that Afghanistan requires an honest and comprehensive relationship with Pakistan. In an interview with Senior Fellow Kamal Alam of the Atlantic Council, Ahmad Massoud discussed the increasing lack of trust among Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as the diplomacy relationship between the two countries, which are at an all-time low, which include international Afghan protests against Pakistan embassies.

Ahmad considers that a restart is achievable, and that his father’s goal of having an honest and brotherly connection with Pakistan was accomplished.

Ahmad furthermore claimed that having a solid relationship with Pakistan mutually beneficial was his ambition of my father. While major difficulties from the past remained, he underlined that the present moment might be unique and historic.

He stated that a strategic vision is essential  and that both countries must collaborate to achieve political safety and security in their own countries.

During in the 40-minute discussion, Ahmad stated that President Ashraf Ghani has refused to take the Afghan country with security and political direction, and that his inability is evident on all fronts.

The leader ¬†of Afghanistan , Ahmad Shah Massoud also declared that he is open to speak with the Taliban as long as they do not impose their views and utilize violence. He stated that he supported a regional approach that guaranteed everyone’s security and partnership.

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Ahmed’s late father, Ahmad Shah Massoud helped stop the civil war in Tajikistan, indicating that Afghanistan might be a force of peace for Central Asia and Pakistan, according to Atlantic Council Senior Fellow Kamal Alam, who is also a Special Assistant to the Massoud Foundation.

He says that, despite his youth, Ahmad is unspoiled, in comparison to many previous leaders who have fled to Kabul or elsewhere.

Ahmad maintains contact with his people and blames Ghani for allegedly committing corruption and neglecting the North with insufficient tools to fight the Taliban and other terrorist groups.