Thursday, June 20, 2024

Biden claims that the US provided the Afghan administration with “every tool” it needs to fight for the country’s future

WASHINGTON: (Monitoring Desk) President Joe Biden revealed that the Afghan government slipped apart faster than he had anticipated, and argued that they failed the will to stand up to the Taliban. “The reality is, this developed much rapidly than we had expected,” Biden said in a much-anticipated television interview from the White House, following several days of silence on the dramatic events.

Biden placed the blame completely on the shoulders of Afghan military and civilian officials, adding, We provided them with every instrument they could possibly require. Close air support was supplied by us. We were unable to provide them with the motivation to fight for their future.

He went on to say, So, what exactly happened? The Afghanistan’s politicians have decided to give up and fled the state. Afghanistan’s military dissolved, often without even trying to attack.

According to the US leader, American forces cannot and should not be attacking and killing in a war that the military of Afghanistan is unwilling to stand up for itself.

Over a trillion dollars have been spent. We trained and armed a 300,000-strong Afghan military power. Exceptionally well-equipped. He added confidently, (A force larger than many of our NATO allies’ military).

We supplied them with every resource they could possibly require. We funded their salaries and supported for the operation of their air force, something the Taliban needed. The Taliban lacks an aircraft force. Close air support was supplied by us. We give the opportunity to make their own destiny. We couldn’t give them the determination to fight for that future.

It is inappropriate to command American soldiers to step up when Afghanistan’s own military forces will not, United States president said, criticizing the Afghan government leadership’s approach and underlining his intention to withdraw US forces. When the devices were bottom, Afghanistan’s politicians have been unable to come together for the great of their people, still unable start negotiating for the future of this country.

Biden also criticised President Ashraf Ghani, accusing him of clearly ignoring his suggestion on stronger cooperation among leaders and the search of a peaceful resolution.

United States president further said that the Afghan government blocked the withdrawal of Afghans working for the US out of concern of causing a crisis. He stated, “Will strengthen attempts to get them out.”

After 20 decades of fighting, the US president justified the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, saying he remained by the policy and that it was time to depart.

During his failed efforts to create a peaceful power-sharing solution as the US withdrew, US negotiator Zalmay Khalilzad spoke with Russia and China on a regular basis.

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