Saturday, June 15, 2024

New rules for Umrah pilgrims have been issued by Saudi Arabia’s Hajj ministry

SAUDI ARABIA (Monitoring Desk) According to an Arab news agency, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Hajj and Umrah released new rules for Umrah pilgrims coming from other countries. ¬†According to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj, those travelling to Mecca for Umrah must first visit a care centre to have their corona virus vaccination condition reviewed. This operation must be completed six hours before Umrah is to be performed.

Visitors will be given a bracelet for confirmation after having their vaccination status confirmed, which they must wear at all times during the umrah. Visitors will then be directed to the Al-Shubaikha gathering centre, where they will present their bracelet and have their data and permission checked.

The Saudi Ministry of Hajj has encouraged pilgrims to stick to their Umrah dates and times.

Only those who have completed both corona virus vaccine doses will be able to join the Kingdom for Umrah and follow thw other new rules for Umrah pilgrims, according to the ministry earlier this month.