Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Code of Ethics

Almost everyone is interested in seek information to know that what is happening in surrounding. The basic objective of news is to inform people with accurate information that what is happening around the world. The people make their opinions on basics of information that they get from the news sources. The most important asset of us is to remain public respect and than maintain through our possible standard of professional integrity.

World Press has always strictly make sure to apply code of ethics on published contents on website. Our all staff members perform their responsibilities with deals of code of ethics and principles of media.

All staff members of World Press are committed to following the standard code of ethics of media.

Code Of Ethics

  • Ensure that all the information disseminated is accurate and fair.
  • Test the accuracy from all the sources of information.
  • Deliberate distortion is never permissible.
  • Present meaningful information, accurate and separated from opinion.
  • Avoid to gain personal benefits in his/her professionals duties.
  • All questions sources, clarify condition attach to promise made in exchange for information.
  • Avoid to publish such pictures like bloody, death body, nude or sexual etc.
  • Avoid to publish misleading and misunderstanding information.
  • Avoid to allow own opinions, biases, preference or prejudgments to affect professional responsibilities.
  • Admit mistakes and correct them properly.
  • Avoid to publish that information may cause harm.
  • Protect sources of information.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest real or perceived.
  • Mention the name, age, gender, colour, marital status, disability, cast, background, economic status, sect or sexual orientation only when this information is strictly relevant to publish.
  • Avoid to interfere into any personal’s life like grief or distress unless it is necessary to public interest.
  • Avoid to publish such materials who promote violence in the society.
  • Broad coverage of what was known about the society.
  • Exercise special care when deal with children involved in a story in cases of Victims of crime, injury, or illness. Children greatest privacy protect than adults.
  • Establish and keep maintain open communication with community.
  • Never edit the photos or videos contents. Image enhancement for technical clarity is permissible.
  • Remain free of association and activities that make compromise or damage any body credibility.
  • Never plagiarize the contents.