Sunday, April 14, 2024

Attempts to Impeach Biden are increasing

WASHINGTON: (Monitoring Desk) Attempts to Impeach Biden has increased, as the Taliban negotiate a new afghan government after the National Police Army And police dissolved despite a lasting but unplanned US withdrawal from Afghanistan, which is set to end on August 31, US President Joe Biden has resulted in growing fire from international allies and domestic politicians, with many trying to call for his dismissal.

I have my teamwork on impeachment charges right now, Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, MTG, said on the ‘War Room Pandemic’ podcast with presenter Steve Bannon. You’re aware that I have already submitted one set of impeachment articles. However, his incompetence as a president is unbelievable, she added, according to international media.

Senator Rick Scott of Florida has also requested that Biden be removed from office if Afghanistan goes to the Taliban. We must address a genuine question: Is Joe Biden capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of his office and has time come to utilize the protections of the 25th Amendment? Scott, who is chairman of the Senate GOP campaigning wing, asked on Twitter.

The famous lawmakers’ comments about the president come after the Impeach Biden hashtag went popular on social media and became one of top trends on Twitter on Monday morning. Candace Owens, one of the platform’s most popular political commentators with 2.8 million fans, posted a photo comparing America’s helicopter exits from Vietnam and Afghanistan, captioning it, “Birds of a Feather.”

Trump, like Biden, backed the policy of withdrawal from Afghanistan. At Kabul Airport, confusion reigned as thousands of people attempted to exit the country, fearful Taliban punishment.

Diplomats, embassy personnel, and nationals stranded in the Central Asian republic were also being removed by the United States and other Western nations. The president, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other government members are also facing severe media scrutiny over the Afghan breakdown of government.

Biden must be shamed, according to CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, as he reviews footage from Kabul revealing the messy US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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