Monday, April 8, 2024

The focus of Naya Pakistan has moved from geopolitics to geoeconomics: Imran Khan

ISLAMABAD: (Monitoring Desk) Prime Minister Imran Khan announced on Saturday that Naya Pakistan switched its focus from geopolitics to geoeconomics. With it, the well-being and welfare of the people of Pakistan taking priority.

PM Imran Khan said on the Independence Day that we want peace within and peace without, to achieve our socio-economic agenda. He keep focus Pakistan’s commitment to Afghan stability. He said the Pakistan has made enormous sacrifices and paid a high price for instability on its western border.

The Prime Minister Imran Khan remarked that, as a result of the international acknowledgement of the government’s initiatives goal at restoring the economy, defeating the coronavirus and protecting the environment.  Pakistan can now stand tall among the global countries.

PM said that “our efforts for recovering the economy, defeating the coronavirus in the country and protection of the environment have gained wide appreciation”.

He also said that We must reinforce our strong commitment to safeguard our national principles of unity, faith, and discipline as outlined by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah as we raise our national flag on Independence Day.

Pakistan had overcome great difficulties throughout its history, according to Imran Khan, to emerge as a prosperous, peaceful and strong nation.

Changing geopolitical circumstances to geoeconomics, as well as some local concerns, continue to put our commitment to the test. We will overcome these barriers with our customary tenacity. As like we have in the past and emerge stronger as a nation, he declared.

This nation is definitely a blessing from Allah Almighty. On this important occasion, I once again congratulate all Pakistanis, both at domestically and abroad. I encourage you to contribute to building Pakistan a proud, successful and peaceful nation, he said.

On this moment, we should not ignore our Kashmiri brothers and sisters, those in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) and they are fighting for their right to freedom in extraordinarily difficult circumstances characterized by illegal Indian rule and terrible violence of India, He added.