Prime Minister Imran Khan has declared early Senate elections

PESHAWAR (Monitoring Desk) Prime Minister Imran Khan said Pakistan’s Upper House (Senate) elections will be held ahead of time. Talking to the media in Peshawar, Prime Minister Imran Khan said he had agreed to hold Senate elections by show of hands. They are going to the Supreme Court for a show of hands. According to the information, he said that money had been spent on elections to the Senate in the past. We expelled 20 presidents of our National and Regional Legislatures from the horse trading party.

Imran Khan said he’s an old captain, he knows how to play better than the opposition, the entire drama is going on in the Senate elections. That’s why the Senate is holding elections first. Without mentioning former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, he said he was sitting in London dining, asking people to take to the streets to save me from robbery. People are never going out for criminals. Prime Minister Imran said that one of our meetings is going to be larger than his ten meetings. Do it all, don’t ask the NRO.

Opposition makes 34 amendments to bury NAB, so the hypocrites say when we asked NROs to do so. The modifications introduced by the opposition amounted to the burial of the NAB. Imran Khan said you saw how happy I was on the day of Lahore’s conference, if I gave them NROs, then what was the fault of the other prisoners in jails. Criticizing the opposition, the Prime Minister said that on the first day after taking the oath, he had said that all these thieves must come together. Today, in the name of Pakistan’s Democratic Moment, they are all together. In response to a comment, the Prime Minister said that no one is going to get an NRO, and there is no burden on me.

Sources say that the federal government planned to hold elections to the Senate in February instead of March. It was agreed to hold elections to the Senate by show of hands. Sources say that Attorney General Khalid Javed Khan made suggestions in this regard at the Cabinet meeting, while Parliamentary Affairs Advisor Babar Awan also gave briefings on constitutional and political aspects. It may be recalled that the Federal Minister for Media and Broadcasting, Shibli Faraz, said yesterday that the Senate was taking all practicable measures to ensure fairness in the polls and would approach the Supreme Court to hold elections to the Senate by show of hands.