Monday, June 17, 2024

The healthcare centres face a serious oxygen shortage in Pakistan

KARACHI (Monitoring Desk) If the life-saving gas is continued to be provided for the manufacturing industry, Pakistan, like India, which facing a oxygen shortage in Pakistan for the treatment of respiratory deficiencies during the third wave of coronavirus, oxygen manufacturers informed on Friday. At the present, the majority of the oxygen generated in the country is being delivered for the treatment of coronavirus patients.

Due to a multifold increase in supply following the rise in COVID-19 cases, 100% of the oxygen provided by Pakistan Oxygen Limited is being distributed to health centers. If the number of cases continues to increase, hospitals may run out of oxygen, as the Pakistan Oxygen Limited is operating at full capacity, an official from the company told The Press on Friday.

On Friday, the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) recorded 4,652 coronavirus patients on maximum and minimum oxygen, and also on ventilators, across the state, according to NCOC data. Health officials reported that patients needing oxygen were on the increase due to an increase in coronavirus positivity rates and patient hospitalizations in the country.

According to healthcare professionals, the number of people infected with coronavirus infection in Pakistan during in the third wave of the pandemic was significantly higher than during the first and second waves.  The evidenced by figures showing that over 4,652 patients were on oxygen and that patient hospitalisation was steadily increasing in the region.

Dr. Khan stated that if the number of patients needing oxygen increases due to an increase in coronavirus cases in the southern parts of the country. Particularly Karachi and Hyderabad, it will place additional strain on the oxygen-producing ability of companies, and advised people to take standard safety actions to minimize a situation similar to India.

On the other side, a Pakistan Oxygen Limited official said that oxygen manufactured in Pakistan has been used in both the treatment of respiratory diseases and in industry, where it is used in the transport industry, as a heat source for welding, in the paper industry, and other sectors, but that most of the oxygen major producer is currently being distributed to the health sector.If the continue to providing the oxygen in industries, healthcare centres start to face the oxygen shortage in Pakistan.