Sunday, July 14, 2024

Sindh has imposed a lockdown in Karachi to prevent the rise in COVID-19 cases

KARACHI: (Monitring Desk) According to a spokeswoman for Sindh Chief Minister, a two-week lockdown in Karachi will be implemented starting tomorrow and lasting till August 8. The decision was made at a meeting of the provincial task committee on coronavirus, which the CM chaired on Friday at CM House. The government offices would be closed starting next week, according to the meeting.

Those who have not been vaccinated, on the other hand, will not be paid after August 31. It was also determined that police would have the authority to inspect the vaccination cards of anyone walking down the street. All markets in the province will be closed, according to the provincial authorities. The export business and pharmacies, on the other hand, will be allowed to continue operating.

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For the first time, the conference has also been extended to parliamentary leaders of political parties. The Sindh health department has proposed a two-week complete lockdown in Karachi to stop the pandemic from spreading in Karachi, where the positive rate has risen to an alarming 30 percent.

The task team has received a strong recommendation to impose a complete lockdown in Karachi because to the disquieting circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 re-surge. Inter-city and intra-city commutes should be halted for two weeks, according to medical specialists and the health department. According to sources, it has also been proposed that educational institutions be closed for two weeks.