Friday, June 21, 2024

Sheikh Rasheed said,the case of the daughter of Afghan ambassador would be handled soon

ISLAMABAD: (Monitoring Desk) Sheikh Rasheed, the federal interior minister, stated on Sunday that the government is looking into the kidnapping and assault of the daughter of Afghan ambassador , and that those responsible will be apprehended shortly. The interior minister went into extensive detail regarding the case during a press briefing on Sunday. He stated that the daughter of the Afghan ambassador traveled from her home to a store.

The daughter of Afghan ambassador , according to the minister, boarded another taxi to Rawalpindi from Khadda Market. We also have video of her exiting a taxi at a shopping mall in Rawalpindi,” he continued. She then took a third taxi to Daman-e-Koh, according to Rasheed. He explained, the only gap that we have is how she got from Rawalpindi to Daman-e-Koh. Authorities have also questioned the driver of the third cab hired by the ambassador’s daughter, who could have gone straight to F-6 but instead opted to go to the F-9 region of Islamabad, according to the minister. As per Prime Minister Imran Khan’s directions, the government filed a FIR against the kidnapping at 2:00 AM, according to Rasheed.The minister stated that officials will investigate how the ambassador’s daughter travelled from Rawalpindi to Daman-e-Koh, and that further missing pieces of the case will be put together by sunset today to present a fuller picture. He blamed India of making such a big deal out of the ambassador’s daughter’s kidnapping in order to defame Pakistan.

We will portray the complete, truthful image to the world, he added, adding that Pakistan’s regional relevance has increased as a result of Prime Minister Khan’s popular foreign policy actions. India is not letting go of any opportunity to strengthen its propaganda against Pakistan after PM Khan’s ‘absolutely not’ attitude gained great popularity both in Pakistan and abroad, he added.

Rasheed is being probed as part of a joint investigation into the Dasu blast

According to the minister, the Dasu incide Sheikh Rasheed claims that the situation of the daughter of Afghan ambassador  would be handled soon

nt is being investigated by a joint investigating team of Chinese and Pakistani experts.There are 15 from their side and 15 from our side, On Saturday, Pakistani Army and intelligence troops, as well as a Chinese investigative team, went to the bomb site to investigate the incident, he said.

China has expressed gratitude to Pakistan for its inquiry and cooperation in the Dasu blast, according to the minister, who added that the Chinese had told Pakistan that both countries should be on the same page. Work on the Dasu dam has not been halted, according to Rasheed, who also stated that all CPEC projects and work on Pakistani dams will continue uninterrupted.