Thursday, July 18, 2024

Showbiz postponed leaving, special message of Zainab Jameel who stopped acting for the sake of Islam

KARACHI (Monitoring Desk) For the sake of Islam, Zainab Jameel, who declared her retirement from acting and modelling, says she began researching the Holy Quran three years earlier but postponed declaring her departure from Showbiz. On her Instagram account, former actress and model Zainab Jamil posted a story in which she described the biggest decision of her life. “People who are questioning me why I unexpectedly decided to leave Showbiz, Zainab Jameel said in her Instagram Story, “I want to tell them that I was a small late in declaring my decision.

She said the explanation for the delay was possibly that I was not completely prepared to commit to this decision and I was searching for answers to these questions that had been circling for a long time in my mind. Three years ago, the former actress said, “I began reading the Holy Quran commentary and I want to thank my teacher not only for teaching me the Quran but also for answering my questions.” Zainab Jameel said, “I loved my job, but I believed I missed something in it. This is not what I have to do, so I decided to leave Showbiz and live according to Islamic teachings after thinking so much.”

She also said that I do not want to show the heart of any actor with my words. I quit acting just for the sake of my faith. There is no other reason.” He added, “I am grateful to all the producers and directors who appreciated my decision and supported me,” It can be recalled that in her latest Instagram article, Zainab Jamil said I am proud to announce that I have stopped acting and modelling. On this occasion, the former actress and model thanked Allah Almighty and said, “Alhamdulillah, Allah Almighty has given me the luxury of learning Quran and Hadith.  Model Zainab Jamil says, wow I will live my life according to Islamic teachings and get more knowledge about of Islam.