Friday, May 24, 2024

Emilia Clarke discusses her upcoming superhuman graphic novel

Emilia Clarke has released some new information about her upcoming “winding” graphic novel. The Game of Thrones star connected with Marguerite Bennett to write M.O.M.: Mother of Madness, a 3 parts story. The first publication will be available on July 21.

The story follows the life of singer Maya, who realizes she has superpowers and decides to use them to battle human traffickers. The actress told Entertainment Weekly that the story had “a lot of humour” as well as rights of women concepts that were “investigated in a serious musical style environment.

We always refer to mothers as superheroes, so I always think to myself that what if they were?,  Emilia Clarke said. What if they were, in fact, superheroes?

Maya has had a difficult life, and she now feels herself in a situation where she dislikes and feels ashamed of all that makes her special. Only through the examination of her abilities does she come to terms with who she is.

She is capable of committing all of these terrible actions, but they all stem from the reality that she is a woman with a monthly period. I figured it would be fun to take all the qualities that women dislike about themselves and transform them into qualities that make her superhuman.

Clearly, you see it a lot in the industry; there are so many outstanding female empowering series. But I didn’t think I’d seen it before in this style of music, she explained.

I remember thinking to myself as a kid that if I could have gone into that comic book store and seen a picture that I could contribute to on some level, I would have been all over it. Everyone’s relationship with comics is very intimate. These are people’s favourite characters, who they care about deeply and can relate to. I decided to add a new character to the mix to see if people connected with her in a meaningful way.