Saturday, July 13, 2024

Russia and Britain, on the edge of battle: Marks of Leader of NATO

MOSCOW (Monitoring Desk) Russia and Britain are on the verge of conflict, with rockets and missiles being supplied by foreign navies. In the last few days, at the NATO summit, when the NATO leader made a strong remark about Russia, he told all the participants that Russia is the most complicated and awful adversary in terms of war at the moment, which is progressing rapidly. Warships and supplies started to be transported to the territorial waters, which are called international waters. Russia has not only deployed navies in this respect, but it has also introduced missiles and chemical weapons to sovereign waters.

The United Kingdom has sent its fleet to the contested world waters in spite of this. The United states is now actively watching the situation and is sending vessels off its last island. So far there has been no discussion on this imminent conflict between Britain and Russia, and their armies are stealthily advancing, with each other concentrating on making their appearance at sea compulsory. NATO has been worried in recent days about Russia’s successful test of its deadly missiles and new T-14 high-speed tanks. NATO allies, and its member states in particular, want to stop the influx of Russian nuclear arms and block their direction.