Saturday, June 15, 2024

Mani’s one-of-a-kind show of affection for Hira

Mani, a famous actor in the Pakistani drama industry, expressed his love for his wife and actress Hira in his own unique style, writing, Ghalib lacks the ability to articulate my feelings for you.

On the occasion of her 13th wedding anniversary, Hira Mani posted some lovely images to her Instagram account, where only her husband, actor Saqib Salman Sheikh alias Mani, is seen holding Hira’s hand. “Every storey has 2 aspects, and you are the second aspect of my dream,” Hira wrote to Mani in the caption of this special article.”Happy wedding anniversary and happy marriage,” he said.

With a laugh, she wrote, “Years and every year more upsetting than ever.”

Mani, on the other hand, congratulated his wife Hira Mani on their marriage by posting pictures of some beautiful and unforgettable memories with her on his Instagram account.

Your love is purer than the Corona vaccine, and your rage is more lethal than the Corona; you are my ozone layer, my 5G network, the true Cinderella of my thoughts; life would be so dull without you,” he added.

On April 17, 2008, actress Hira Mani got married with Saqib Salman Sheikh alias Mani, and the couple now has two sons, Muzammil and Ibrahim.