Thursday, June 20, 2024

Ten United States military bases closed in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON (Monitoring Desk) – After a ceasefire settlement with the Taliban this year the U.S. has closed 10 of its military camps, leaving behind a handful of U.S. soldiers at Kandahar Airfield and Dzhalal-Abad Airbase. A Washington Post article says that since the February 29 peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban in Doha, 10 US military bases in Afghanistan have been closed. The study also notes that some military bases have been evacuated entirely by the US military and some have been turned over to the Afghan army. These include Tarin Kot in the Province of Uruzgan, Bast in Helmand, Gambari in Laghman and Lightning in Paktia, while Jones is shut down in Kunduz, D Alinkar in Nangarhar, Shaheen in Balkh, Bishop in Balkh, Maimana in Faryab and Kalat in Zabul.

Under the pledge of a complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, United States military bases are being closed. A few US troops are now home to large bases such as Kandahar Airfield and Dzhalal-Abad Airbase, but all bases have been withdrawn so that US troops can return in due course. It should be remembered that President Trump has made plans to remove, before taking office, 2,500 US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, respectively.