Thursday, May 23, 2024

Mahira Khan has affected with corona virus, She appealed to the fans for prayers

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) The actress Mahira Khan’s coronavirus test was positive, after which she isolated herself. On Sunday, actress Mahira Khan posted a special post on her Instagram account, asking her fans about her wellness, and my Corona virus test came out positive, after which I isolated myself. She said that I have also told all the people who have been in connection with me for the last few days and with whom I have met after the corona virus test came back positive. Mahira Khan has shared confidence that I know that this is not positive news at all but I’m going to get better soon.

The actress pleaded to the public to wear masks and to adopt SOPs for her own sake and for the lives of others. Finally, he called for prayers for his speedy recovery. After the post of Mahira Khan, her fans continued to pray for her speedy recovery. It may be recalled that many Pakistani showbiz artists have been the victims of Corona virus.