Friday, June 21, 2024

Fake photo of a boy similar to Shah Rukh Khan circulating on social media

MUMBAI (Monitoring Desk) Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan’s false image is circulated on social media. In reference to the photo circulated on social media, it has been reported that the young Kashmiri Shah Rukh Khan in the photo is a Kashmiri boy who looks similar to Shah Rukh Khan. But a closer look at the photo indicates that the picture was taken with the aid of the ‘Facebook’ in which the young man proved himself to be a minor. Fee is an app editing tool, the app’s photo editor is very popular with young people. It can be used to modify the age, hair and context of the photograph.

Facebook is commonly used to transform one’s image online. Since the photo has been viral on social media, numerous comments are made by people. Some users have called the circulating image a fake, while others have presumed that it’s actually a Shah Rukh boy.