Friday, June 14, 2024

Saudi Arabia government closed full sale flights, cargo ships and border controls

RIYADH (Monitoring Desk) The Saudi Arabia government has agreed to immediately cancel all international passenger flights for a week, an official source in the Saudi Ministry of the Interior said. According to Saudi Arabia’s state news agency, the provisional ban on air services may be extended. Sources said that the Ministry of Health has placed temporary bans in many countries as a precautionary measure against the outbreak of a new strain of corona virus. Unless medical knowledge about the existence of the virus becomes available, the following steps have been agreed to take urgent action to protect the general health of people.

All international passenger flights have been halted for a week, but emergency flights will resume. The temporary ban on air could be extended. Both international vessels in Saudi Arabia are permitted to sail. Via shore and sea terminals, the Saudi Arabia government has already sealed off sea and land for a week, and this may be further extended. If a person has came to the country from Europe or some other impacted country, he or she may have to stay alone at his or her place of residence for at least two weeks. He will have to undergo a medical examination every five days during this period. If a person has arrived in Saudi Arabia from an outbreak country in the last 3 months, he or she will have to get his or her COVID-19 checked.