Thursday, July 18, 2024

New Delhi continues the coronavirus lockdown due to increasing the cases of coronavirus in India

NEW DELHI (Monitoring Desk) As a result of the positive COVID-19 cases and the increasing in positive cases and an increasing death rate from coronavirus in India, the country’s capital, New Delhi, continued its lockdown on Sunday. 349,691 new confirm cases of coronavirus and 2,767 deaths were recorded in the vast nation of 1.3 billion people, the largest number since the COVID-19 start.

On Monday, the northern megacity, the home to 20 million people and India’s badly area, enforced more one week long lockdown after hospital beds and oxygen supply ran out. Corona(virus) is already causing havoc, and there is no end date.  All agrees that the lockdown should be extended.

The statement came as the healthcare provided system tried to cope with the massive increase in cases, with reports of overcrowded hospitals, extreme oxygen and drug shortages, and patients’ families appealing for support on social media network sites.

The government has come under increasing pressure for complaints that it was distracted in the upward to the increase. At the demand of the Indian government, Twitter withheld hundreds of tweets critical of the ongoing crisis on Sunday.

The tweets were suspended in India after a legal request from New Delhi, months after a related action was taken in response to criticism of the government’s new agriculture laws, which prompted extreme violence in India.

According to figures provided by AFP, India has reported upwards of 2 million patients in the last seven days, up 58% from the previous week. Mumbai, India’s financial capital, is among the cities that have been put under lockdowns, night bans, or other limitations to try to stem the spread of the coronavirus in India.

The government of India has increased its efforts supply oxygen by special transports and container airlifts from other states to the health care service providers in the country.