Friday, June 21, 2024

Lockdown in Australia after one confirm case of coronavirs

A 3 day lockdown in Australia as of today. The lockdown in Australia was imposed after one corona corona case was registered in Perth, according to the international news media.

Brazil comes in 3rd place on the list of states with the most coronavirus cases, but just second in terms of deaths. So far, 69,105 cases of corona virus have been recorded in Brazil, with 2,914 deaths. The deadly virus has killed a total of 386,623 people so far, with 14.238 million people infected. The number 110 has been completed.

From today, Greece’s limitations on corona will be relaxed, and shopping malls throughout the country will reopened. Restaurants, hotels, and theatres will reopen after the relaxation of restrictions on the Corona virus begins on May 19.

The restrictions in Austria for the past five months due to coronavirus.

Due to the corona virus, Japan has declared an emergency in Tokyo, Osaka, and two other cities.

In Turkey, 49,438 corona virus cases and 343 deaths were announced yesterday, bringing the total number of corona virus deaths to 37,671 and the total number of corona virus patients to 4,550,825.