Monday, June 17, 2024

Green Shirts supporters reacted on Asif Ali after the defeat of Pakistan vs Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe won its first T20 International match vs Pakistan, defeating Pakistan in the 16th match. On the social media, Green Shirts fans chastised the players for the team’s negative performance in match.

On social networking sites, Asif Ali received a lot of feedback. Users responded with disrespectful tweets and images. On Twitter, one user joked that Asif Ali should be replaced by Firdous Aashiq. I believe she would perform better Asif.

One guy also said Asif Ali would be unable to score a century with just 99 runs. It should be remembered that Asif Ali scored a runs off three balls in the second T20 match against Zimbabwe. The three-match series between Pakistan vs Zimbabwe has now become a one-on-one due to the loss. The match that will determine the winner will be played tomorrow.