Sunday, June 16, 2024

Corona Virus epidemic created major threat to marine life

NEW YORK (Monitoring Desk) The global corona virus pandemic has taken control of the whole planet. A fresh situation is now arising due to this outbreak. Masks, believed to be the most powerful tool against the Corona virus, are causing significant environmental contamination, according to an international news agency. About 1.56 billion masks used have been a serious hazard to aquatic life. For the protection of corona masks, masks are important, but used masks increase plastic contamination and endanger marine life.

Experts say it would take at least 450 years to melt the 4,680 metric tonnes of these masks. In 2020, an estimated 52 billion masks will be made. These polypropylene masks are disposed of, polluting rivers and oceans, one and for all. Notice the atmosphere across the globe during the Corona Lock down? There has been a strong decrease in growth, which international organisations have also noticed to prevent the marine life.