Saturday, June 15, 2024

The stay of Nawaz Sharif in London is difficult, there are four options left

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) The passport of the PML-N president and former PM Nawaz Sharif expires in February next year, after which he is weighing 4 options. The diplomatic passport of Nawaz Sharif will expire next year in the second month of February 2021, according to media sources. As his passport expires, Nawaz Sharif in London, who is seeking treatment in the United kingdom, will have four options. They can first apply for a new passport from the government of Pakistan. The second possibility is for Nawaz Sharif to move to another country from the UK. He is said to have traveled to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The third option is to apply for political asylum from the British government or return to Pakistan to face trial and go to prison.

It should be remembered that last year, Nawaz Sharif received an expired visit visa from the UK. Centered in Corona, for a visa extension, he had contacted the British government. Apparently, visa extension is not impeded, but visa extension may be a concern when the passport expires in February. Consultations have been conducted with Nawaz Sharif and senior party leaders and Nawaz Sharif is expected to apply for political asylum. The choice of coming to Pakistan to face trial was refused by the family and senior leaders.

Maryam Nawaz is against Nawaz Sharif’s return to his present state of health. As with Ishaq Dar, the government has the right to revoke the passport of Nawaz Sharif in London, but this would let Nawaz Sharif live in the UK. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Imran Khan briefed main advisors, including the Minister for Foreign Affairs, on what the government’s policy would be if Nawaz Sharif applied for a new passport. It should be remembered that Nawaz Sharif is reportedly in London for treatment, but he is still fully engaged in Pakistan’s politics at the same time.