Thursday, July 18, 2024

Russian plane without permission attempt to enter airspace of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) Russian plane route from Ryan to Tbilisi are attempting to penetrate Pakistani airspace without authorization. Air traffic control stopped Russian passenger plane from accessing Pakistan’s airspace because no prior authorization had been secured before the aircraft entered. According to airport reports, the Russian cargo plane flew from Ryeng, Thailand, to Tbilisi, Georgia, and took five hours and 21 minutes to Ludhiana, India, after which it took another three hours and 44 minutes. The plane was scheduled to land in Georgia when it reached the Pakistani border. The Air Traffic Control was not permitted to reach Lahore Airport. The plane encircled Ludhiana for half an hour due to a lack of permission. The Russian Airplane is going to return to Thailand without permission. The Civil Aviation Authority commended the representatives of Air Traffic Control for their prompt intervention and agreed to award honorary certificates to all individuals for their good work.