Friday, April 12, 2024

Chief Justice of Pakistan said, we will move ahead in our democratic principles framework

LAHORE (Monitoring Desk) Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed said he congratulated the lawyers and their leadership on putting an end to the culture of strike, and there was no distinction between the judges and the lawyers. It is really important to foster peace between lawyers and judges. We aspire to incorporate democratic principles into our structure as far as possible and to move forward accordingly. Lawyers in legal trials are trusted. He shared these views while addressing the event at the inauguration of the Center of Excellence at the Punjab Bar Council. Chief Justice Lahore High Court Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan, Justice Muhammad Amir Bhatti, Justice Malik Shehzad Ahmed, Vice President Pakistan Bar Council Abid Saqi, Member Bar Council Ahsan Bhoon, Azam Nazir Tarar, President Lahore High Court Bar Tahir Nasrullah Warraich and others were also present at the event.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed said that the bench and the bar have a significant role to play in the delivery of justice. The wall between lawyers and judges has effectively been broken. Lawyers should not be aggressive with judges, lawyers included in the selection of judges. There are new boundaries and new avenues are creating. We, the lawyers and the judges, are moving forward with the judicial process in a reciprocal manner,” he said. Judiciary matters are taken into account by lawyers. He said that the promotions of judges had been successful and that more judges would be named.

He said that listening to the judge should be a decent lawyer’s conduct. Man learns from experience. When new attorneys arrive, they’re more excited, because they think the judge doesn’t let me work. The judge’s going to make you work. You ought to consider what kind of job the judge wants you to do so that you can go that direction, attorneys should have the courage to understand their judge and the case and leave it to the majority of the courts. The judicial profession is hoped to remain steadfast on this matter. Chief Justice said that I am very glad that when I attended the Lahore High Court Bar dinner for the first time since becoming Chief Justice, the lawyers’ membership said that we ended the culture of the protest and then Punjab. I, and particularly in Lahore, have not had a strike that I congratulate the legal community and their leadership.

Chief Justice Lahore High Court Justice Muhammad Qasim Khan said while addressing the function, that I have only one request to make to you mates. Share the feelings. Emotions are shared, whether they are social media forums, mobile media or print media. The day has come now. It is unlikely for all of our acts to be contrary to our values and to be covered up. He said, In these conditions, the exploited citizens of the country, the vulnerable, are the main players in the economy.

These people are going to the doors of the courts to pursue justice by you. Our first priority, and your first priority, is to protect the dignity of those who have been trampled under the constitution. Both the courts and lawyers should discharge their duties to the fullest. Both the courts and lawyers should discharge their duties to the fullest.

Tradition should end because if the grandfather filed a complaint, a decision would be taken at the time of the grandson and a decision would be taken at the time of the grand-grandson. This does not meet with the standards of justice. You and I have a responsibility to do so.