Monday, April 15, 2024

Motorway M3 Lahore closed for all types of traffic due to heavy fog

LAHORE (Monitoring Desk) Heavy fog, the motorway M3 Lahore to Rajana Motorway closed for all forms of traffic. According to the Motorway Police spokeswoman, there is a sight limit of up to 70 meters on the Multan Motorway. Drivers, use the fog lamps on your cars. People ought to stop needless travel. It should be remembered that 14 cars collided with each other due to a horrific motorcycle crash. According to the info, a fatal accident occurred on the Nazer-e-Labana Interchange Motorway M3 in Sharqpur, where 14 vehicles crashed due to fog. Three people were killed and about 15 others were wounded in the crash and admitted to the hospital for emergency attention.

It should be remembered that, after the rise in the cold wave, thick fog has engulfed the country where incidents take place on a regular basis. Although the plains are still in thick fog, major highways and motorways have been blocked in different locations. In this respect, the Highway Speaker has advised passengers not to drive on the highway due to heavy fog.