Saturday, April 13, 2024

Full lockdown in Punjab from May 8 to 16 due to the presence of the Coronavirus

LAHORE (Monitoring Desk) The Punjab government declared on Wednesday that due to an increase in coronavirus cases in the Punjab, the province would be completely lockdown in Punab during the Eid holidays, from 8 to 16 May.

The provincial government recently declared that all activities will be forbidden during the holiday season, as well as the use of public transportation. Aside from that, the city’s parks and outdoor spaces will be closed. According to the provincial government, controls will be installed at all city entry and exit points, with police, Rangers, and army troops on hand to keep an eye on the situation.

The next 20 days are critical in controlling the coronavirus situation in the province,” Dr Rashid said, adding that the government is working to stop the coronavirus from spreading by putting lockdown in Punjab.

People must celebrate Eid ul Fitr in a clear manner due to the third wave of the virus, she said, adding that they should obey the government’s prescribed coronavirus standard operating procedure (SOPs) and prove themselves to be responsible people.