Friday, July 12, 2024

Nadia Hussain encouraged her fans to get COVID-19 vaccine

Nadia Hussain, who was infected with coronavirus on August 3, gave her fans an update on her condition on Friday and encouraged them to be vaccinated. The Tera Yahan Koi Nahin actor wrote on Instagram, “Life without taste and fragrance”

Fever gone, weakness improving, taste and smell gone, no cough, no cold, Nadia stated in a statement.

Haye!!!! It feels like I’m eating cardboard since I can’t taste anything!!.

Nadia also encouraged her followers to be immunised. GET VACCINATED IMMEDIATELY!!!! It has aided in the management of my symptoms.

The crazy bug has caught me too!!!!,” Nadia Hussain said after being tested positive for coronavirus earlier this week. I’d managed to postpone it for so long, but it had to happen at some point!!!… So far, everything has gone well. Only had a two-day fever. Alhamdulillah, no major symptoms have appeared yet.

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