Friday, July 12, 2024

UK is investigating into Red List of Pakistan, Johnson said at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

LONDON: (Monitoring Desk) Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated that the UK government is reviewing data connected to Pakistan’s continued “Red List” status. PM Boris Johnson made these statements during a chat with a Pakistani delegation at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. In the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, the UK Prime Minister was watching 243 trainees pass-out as army officers as the delegate of Queen at the Parade of Sovereign in the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Pakistan could be transferred to the amber list in the coming weeksPM said.

Moazzam Ali Khan and 3 other Pakistani ambassadors were part of the Pakistani delegation in UK.

According to the sfficial information, Prime Minister Boris Johnson made these statements when the Pakistani delegation tell the problem of the ‘Red List’ and how difficult it was for thousands people of Pakistan. The Prime Minister said that his government was studding the facts and considering options based on scientific advice.

Boris Johnson told in Press Conference,  he was looking next visit of PM Imran Khan to Prime to the United Kingdom. Mr Johnson was also said, the South Asian country was looking forward to his visit. The Prime Minister said, his government was investigating these alternatives.

The Pakistani team was there to support the Pakistani trainees who are attending the famous academy every year. 2 Pakistani cadets pass-out from the Military Academy Sandhurst yesterday.

According to report, the Pakistani delegation discuss with PM Johnson to improve commerce between the two states. The delegation also discuss the situation in Afghanistan with PM Johnson . The Afghanistan issue is a challenge for the entire globe and the global effort is needed to analysis the situation, Boris Johnson said.

At every time, at least 5 cadets of Pakistan keep the part of the academy. They get training from some of the best cadets from across the world for instruction from UK and international instructors, including those from Pakistan. At the elite military training centre of UK, a Pakistani platoon leader is a permanent fixture.

The prime minister congratulated military cadets on completing their Sandhurst training. In his statement to the crowd, Johnson said,  the training of military academy and acknowledged the assistance of Army  in creating vaccine centers during the outbreak.