Monday, July 15, 2024

Ram Charan, who plays Alia Bhatt in ‘RRR,’ says he was hesitant to speak with her

Ram Charan, who stars in ‘RRR,’ was similarly taken aback when he saw Alia Bhatt on the production of their upcoming movie. Ram Charan, who plays Ram Charan in RRR, was likewise star struck when he saw Alia Bhatt on the set of their upcoming movie, admitting that he was reluctant to approach his co-star.

Bhatt protested about Charan’s lack of attention to her during the film’s premiere on December 11th. I was getting shy since you are so lovely, the Zanjeer star replied.

However, Nandamuri Taraka & Charan tease each other all the time, according to the Raazi actor. They were mocking each other, and I realised their friendship is so special that they were unconcerned about my presence and only wanted to communicate to each other, she explained.

But eventually, when we shot the song, I said, I am not following anything you people are saying, would you help translate for me,’ and Ram Charan sir did, but Tarak still didn’t, Bhatt explained.