Friday, June 14, 2024

COVID-19 in London, 23 new terrible corona types, the world started closing again

LONDON (Monitoring Desk) In the United Kingdom, 23 new Corona strains spread exponentially, raising the death toll to close to 67,000. According to media sources, another 36,000 new coronary cases were registered in the United Kingdom on a single day, during which 95 percent more cases were recorded this time compared to last Sunday. The Corona virus forced people to leave London in fear of new laws and a new form of Corona, creating queues of passengers in the train stations and traffic congestion on the roads due to the COVID-19 in London.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock is worried that Corona’s restrictions could be prolonged for the next six months. Matt Hancock said the fugitives were reckless. It should be remembered that new and more quickly spreading forms of corona have arisen in the United Kingdom, which is particularly harmful for children, the elderly and young adults. People have begun to flee London to escape extreme lock-downs, which have led to a surge of commuters to train stations and traffic congestion leading to overcrowding on London’s roads. A fourth type of lock-down ban has been imposed in London due to the discovery of a new type of COVID-19.

International News Agency reports people are leaving London to escape a fourth-tier penalty. According to media outlets, the introduction of extra British Transport Police officers has begun at busy stations. On this point, the British Minister of Health highly criticized those who left London and called it an irresponsible act.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has stated that it is in close touch with UK officials over a new strain of the corona virus. The World Health Organisation reported in a statement that the United Kingdom exchanged details from the latest research on corona virus mutations. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that after receiving information, Member States and the public will be made aware of corona virus variants.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that the current type of coronary virus is circulating quicker in the United Kingdom than in the modern world. Yet it’s considered to be less likely to be fatal. According to the World Health Organisation, large areas of south-east England, including London, are subject to current and tighter sanctions to prevent the transmission of the virus. In the other hand, the Netherlands and Belgium have suspended all flights to and from the United Kingdom after the detection of a new strain of corona virus.

According to international media, a new form of coronary artery virus has been identified in a patient in the Netherlands, which was also found in the United Kingdom after the Netherlands suspended air operations in the United Kingdom. The Belgian Government has also taken precautionary steps to halt flights and rail services to and from the United Kingdom.