Saturday, June 15, 2024

After Afghan violence, the UK Government claims it is responding to the Pakistan High Commission’s complaints

The Pakistan High Commission voiced concerns about Afghan protestors who destroyed the commission’s office last week, and the UK government said Wednesday it is looking into it. Water bottles and stones were thrown at the commission’s premises by Afghan protestors, forcing the commission to file a complaint with authorities.

“We are in contact with the embassy and handling their issues directly,” a police spokesman told The world press. Outside of the diplomatic mission, we would not debate practical security issues.”

Separately, a British government source stated that the Pakistan High Commission had filed a complaint detailed the events of May 23. A big crowd had gathered outside the Pakistan High Commission in Knightsbridge, as well as outside the Kuwait embassy, waving Afghan flags and yelling anti-Pakistan slogans, criticizing the Afghan peace process. Several protestors are seen throwing things towards the Pakistan High Commission, which is located in Lowndes Square, in footage from the day.

The security of Pakistani foreign embassies in the UK is of paramount significance to the UK authorities, according to a government spokesperson who spoke on the condition of anonymity to world press. The News had written to Scotland Yard, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and 10 Downing Street to inquire about the event, which had left Pakistani officials worried.

The government is in contact with the Metropolitan Police Service regarding the High Commission’s concerns, according to a government spokesman. The Pakistan High Commission sent video footage of the damage to the British government, demanding security measures comparable to those granted to the Israeli and Indian embassies in London. Protestors and human rights activists frequently visit these two embassies for protests.

The demonstration was organised by a group known as “The Watan,” which shares the same postal address as the Afghan embassy in London, which is located at 31 Princes Gate, SW7. The Watan organization’s representative confirmed that the group was responsible for setting up the protest and that a tiny group produced a law and order crisis toward the end of the rally by shooting water bottles at the Pakistan High Commission. The Watan organisation had removed Afghanistan emabssy’s address from its official Facebook page after it was revealed in media reports.