Saturday, June 15, 2024

Due to the corona virus in Dubai imposed strict restrictions on New Year’s Eve

DUBAI (Monitoring Desk) The Emirate of Dubai’s Supreme Committee on Crisis and Emergency Management has banned the hosting of family or social events of more than 30 individuals at the beginning of the new year to deter the transmission of the corona virus. According to an international news service, the committee said in a statement that anybody breaching the ban and conducting a function or meeting would be fined 50,000 Dirhams and anybody watching such an event would be fined. There will be a fine of 15,000 Dirhams levied.

The committee said that raids on those who breach the prohibition on meetings will be carried out. The committee clarified that an area of four square feet should be assigned to each person in the event of any meeting of fewer than thirty individuals. The committee advised the aged or those suffering from chronic illnesses on New Year’s Eve, due to the corona virus in Dubai to refrain from attending such meetings. And if a person has symptoms such as fever or cough, he should refrain from attending such meetings as well.