Sunday, June 16, 2024

What’s going to happen with the first empty bottle of Corona virus vaccine?

NEW YORK (Monitoring Desk) The first empty bottle and syringe of the corona virus vaccine will be on display at the Science Museum. The first dose of the first corona virus vaccine was given to Margaret Cannon, a 90-year-old British patient, according to media sources. She is the first citizen in the world to be vaccinated it against virus. Vacuum bottles and syringes are stored at the Science Museum in London. The bottle will be on view for public display next year in 2021.

Experts believe the coronary virus outbreak is one of the most important problems in modern history. Vaccines was a major advance in medical research, but the next generation could understand the importance of this hollow tube, which was the most significant step in the fight against the disease. In the other hand, Corona’s worldwide deaths have increased to 1.64 million, while more than 73.7 million patients have been infected by the global outbreak.

According to the international news service, 2550 deaths occurred in the United States in 24 hours and 174,000 patients were registered. 2,850 people were killed in Italy, 425 in France and more than 500 in Britain. In the other hand, in Paris, a night curfew was imposed. Significant sanctions have been declared in several parts of England. The government is under pressure to postpone the Christmas festivities. Coronary virus strains have been modified in Wales, Scotland, Denmark and Australia.