Sunday, June 16, 2024

Muhammad Aamir announced the retirement and received wonderful response from PCB

LAHORE (Monitoring Desk) The Pakistan Cricket Board says that Muhammad Amir’s retirement from the game is his personal decision. According to the spokesperson of  PCB, fast bowler Muhammad Aamir is not reading to reports about cricket in the newspapers. In this respect, Muhammad Aamir himself did not approach the Pakistan Cricket Board. A PCB representative said that the fast bowler was no longer in a PCB deal, and as such he was not obligated to speak to us he was absolutely free to make his own decisions.

In his reply, Shahid Afridi said that Aamir’s decision to quit is a surprise to him because there are challenges in life, and not every servant is necessarily in your favour. There are some people who think differently, but that doesn’t mean that retirement should be announced. You’ve got cricket left, and you’ve got time, so I don’t think you should give up cricket. If you’re able to go back down from your team performance.

Shahid Afridi said he did not understand Muhammad Amir’s decision. When I found out that I was talking to Muhammad Aamir and telling him that your decision was not a good one. You’ve played a lot of cricket, and good players have the ability to back less. Shahid Afridi says the cricket board always plays a father’s role and should do so. This is not the case with our culture. The selection committee should tell the athlete of its plan which player to hold and who to rest. But this is not a custom on our board.

Players are not talking to the board is trying to give new boys a chance, I’m in favor of new boys having a chance, and that’s a good thing. But why did senior players always have problems with the management and the board? The absence of conversation is the reason for these problems. When things get out of the way through the media, the communication gap widens. The communication gap between the players and the cricket board needs to be closed.