Monday, June 17, 2024

The scheme to alter US President Trump’s election outcome came with a phone call recorded

WASHINGTON (Monitoring Desk) US President Trump has used methods to exploit the election outcome, prompting Georgia authorities to request additional votes for the recount. A reported phone call from the US President has come to light. President Trump is willing to do something to modify the outcome, the American newspaper reported, according to media sources. The president of the United States has been pressing authorities in Georgia to recount and seek further votes. An hour-long phone call came to light from the US President. Brad Rafanspar, Georgia’s Secretary of State, kept saying on the call that he only needed 11,780 votes. The results of Georgia is right, to which Brad responded to US President Trump. After the recorded call came to light, US President Donald Trump is facing a lot of backlash in the US media. On the other hand, on January 6, the US Congress will also officially accept the election results.