Friday, May 24, 2024

Supreme Court ordered to destroyed the Nasla Tower in Karachi within a week

KARACHI: (Monitoring Desk) The Supreme Court (SC) on Monday ordered that the 15-story Nasla Tower in Karachi be destroyed in a controlled collapse within a week. After hearing the case involving the illegal construction of a residential complex on an access road on Sharae Faisal, Pakistan’s Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed ordered the high-rise building to be demolished.

The Supreme Court ordered the tower’s removal in June, citing its illegal construction on a frontage road and ordering the builders to repay registered residential and commercial unit purchasers within 3 months.

During today’s session, the CJP ordered the Nasla Tower owner to compensate the inhabitants and the Karachi commissioner to guarantee that payments be made to the affected individuals. The court also told the concerned authorities that they had a week to produce a compliance report. The bench recommended that the tower be removed by a controlled detonation, with little damage to nearby structures or persons. Nasla Tower occupants were served with a notice to remove the building by October 27, 2021 or face legal action earlier this month.

The warning was issued on October 12 by a District East official following the Supreme Court’s rejection of a review petition asking the court to reverse its demolition order for Nasla Tower. The commissioner was required to make a report on the SC’s directions and verify that the building was abandoned, according to the order.

The notification stated, Take notice that you are forced to quit the building, i.e. Nasla Tower, within (15) days. If you fail to comply, required procedures under Section 3 of the Sindh Public Property (Disposal of Encroachment) Act, 2010 or other forceful action may be taken against you.

A stay order imposed by the Sindh High Court in a case involving intrusions on Gujjar, Orangi, and Mehmoodabad nullahs was also overturned by the Supreme Court. The administration was directed by the court to remove all intrusions along these nullahs.