Friday, May 24, 2024

PM Imran Khan has inaugurated the 1,100 MW nuclear power plant Karachi installed by China

ISLAMABAD: (Monitoring Desk) Prime Minister Imran Khan practically launched the (NPP) Nuclear Power Plant Karachi Unit-2 (K-2) on Friday, a third-generation plant with improved safety systems. The ceremony took place simultaneously at K-2 NPP in Karachi and in Beijing, China, and commemorated the 70th anniversary of the two countries’ diplomatic relationships.

PM Khan expressed his delight that the (K2) nuclear power plant Karachi was officially launched today, on the anniversary celebration of Pak-China trade relations. “Clean energy is extremely important to us,” he said, adding that technology transfer would benefit the nation. Pakistan, he said, wants to learn from China in a variety of areas, including how to manage rapidly will urban areas, alleviate poverty, and combat corruption.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’s reach is being broadened, he said, from infrastructure and power infrastructure investments to economic zones and agricultural technology. The prime Minister Imran Khan said that the two countries’ relations were at an all-time high, and that Pakistanis admire and love China because Beijing has always had Islamabad’s back when it required much. Pakistan can learn a lot from China’s success, he believes.