Thursday, May 23, 2024

On April 10, a by-election in Daska’s NA-75 will be held.

DASKA (Monitoring Desk) On Saturday, Election Commissioner Punjab Ghulam Israr declared that a by-election in Daska’s NA-75 district would be held on April 10. The decision was made during a meeting about the Daska by-polls, which was chaired by the secretary of the election commission.The presiding officer will also be asked to sign on Form 45 within the polling station. The polling agent would not be able to leave the polling station without completing Form 45, and no political figures would be allowed to consult with the returning officer while the election results were being announced.

“Security arrangements will be further strengthened throughout the election, Israr told the media. Israr reported that the staff of “controversial polling stations” had been replaced, and that the new staff had completed their training. The election will be calm, and sensitive polling stations will have cameras installed. PTI’s appeal against re-polling in NA-75 Daska was dismissed by the Supreme Court on Friday, and the Election Commission of Pakistan’s earlier order for re-polling in NA-75 was upheld. The case was heard by a bench led by Justice Umar Atta Bandial. Asjad Ali Malhi of the PTI, who ran in the by-elections, went to the Supreme Court to challenge the ECP’s decision to hold re-polls across the entire constituency.

The PML-N requested re-election in 109 ‘controversial’ polling stations in the NA-75 Daska constituency, if not the entire district. The NA-75 by-election, which took place in February, was marred by violence, with two people killed and many others wounded in shooting incidents.

The deaths were caused by clashes between PML-N and PTI staff. The Election Commission of Pakistan ordered re-polling in the entire constituency after both parties blamed each other for the violence. During Friday’s hearing, Justice Bandial claimed that the situation in the constituency on election day was not under control.