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History of Kamalia, is the oldest city Punjab

Kamalia is the tehsil of District Toba Tek Singh, under division Fasialabad, Province Punjab, Pakistan. Kamalia is a histrical city, who situated at on the right bank of river Ravi. History of Kamalia tells us that Kamalia was established before to the times of Alexander the Great. The first name of this city was Kot Kamal, which is derived from the name of Kamal Khan.

Kamal Khan was the chief of Kharal cast in the city Kamalia. The Kharal cast is the ruler of Kamalia land, which is now khown as Hondal Nagri. Kamal Khan give a Khadar cloths to Shah Hussain as a gift, who matched himself by predicting the future as King of Junglr. After one month, Ibrahim Lodhi replaced the Hamand Khan by Kamal Khan and new area founded by Kharal cast which is now known as Kamalia.

Kamalia is the one oldest city of Province Punjab that have an old Mosuqe from the time period of Jahangiri rules.

Villages in Kamalia

The main villages of the Kamalia are Jakhar 739 GB Kamalia, Qadir Bux, Mal-Faytana, Khan da chak, chak 712 GB Kamalia, Murad Ke Kathia, Bhussi Kathian, Chak 733 GB Darsana, Chak 734 GB , Chak 742 GB and Khokhar etc.

Links of Kamalia

The city links with other cities, Chichawatni, Rajana, pir Mahal and Mamunkanjan  via road. The distant between Kamalia and Chichawatni is 25 kilometres, Kamalia to Rajana 18 kilometres, Kamalia to Pir Mahal is 25 kilometres and the distant from Kamalia to Mamunkanjan is 23 kilometres.

The 3 main Police Stations under tehsil Kamalia, Ploice station city Kamalia, Police station sadar Kamalia and police station choki Jakhar 739 GB. All these police stations work under the D.S.P Kamalia.

The area code of Kamalia is 046.

Places in Kamalia

There are many historical places in the city Kamalia. Shrine of Hazrat Baba Fazil Dewan, Darbar Syed Shabbir Ahmed Shah of Dholar Sharif, Darbar-e-Alia Peer Nadar Shah Karmani Jakhar 739 GB, Darbar Qadir Bakhsh Sharif. When we talk about the history of Kamalia, all these places are mentioned in discussion

Economy of Kamalia

The city Kamalia is now famous for its Khaddar cloths and hand carpets.cloths. Khaddar is a kind of cloths which is now very popular locally and internationally. The mostly people of the city start trade of Khaddar nationally and internationally. Along with the trade of Khaddar lots of people are attached with this industry. The production of khaddar are linked with the history of Kamalia.

Agriculture in Kamalia

The land of the tehsil is plane and the land is under the cultivation. The land is fertile. The mostly he people of rural area are agricultral. The main crops are the rice, wheat and sugar cane of this land. Now the tunnel farming is  new trend start in Kamalia. From the tunnel forming, lots of kinds nonseasonal vegetables produced in Kamalia which is fulfill the needs of foods in Pakistan. The agriculture is at one No. of this city. The business of poultry  in the form of poultry forms in different areas of tehsil is at No.2 in the Punjab.

Wildlife Park Kamalia

Kamalia is a one city in division Fasialabad, has “Wildlife park”  for the entertainment of people of the city. Wildlife park in Kamalia is a famous and attractive park in division Fasialabad, district Toba Tek Singh. This park covers the area of in acres. A large number of local and international animals and birds in the park which is a important source of entertainment in park.

Colleges in Kamalia

There are educational institutions in Kamalia. This city also famous for its colleges. There are different colleges in Kamalia on the basis of technical training skills. The D.P.S school in Kamalia is on the Mal-Faytana road about 8 Kilo-meters away from the main city.

  • Govt. Post Graduate PST College Kamalia
  • Govt. Vocational Training Institute
  • Govt. Technical & Training Institute
  • Govt. College of commerce Kamalia
  • Govt. College for Women Kamalia
  • Oxford Group of College Kamalia
  • Informatics College Kamalia Campus
  • Govt. Elementary College women Kamalia

University in Kamalia

Makhdom Nazar Hussain University (MNHU) is in Kamalia. This university is establish at the international standard level. The MNH University is not open for admission due to under construction. BS Computer Science is start very soon in Kamalia College Kamalia under the MNH University Kamalia.

University of Kamalia (Government University)