Thursday, June 20, 2024

Family of Noor Mukadam claims she was holding a large sum of money when she left the house

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) The investigation into the Noor Mukadam case took a new turn when her parents told the police that she was carrying a large amount of money when she left the house and pushed her mother to send more money over the phone, according to police sources.

According to the sources, she ordered her driver to prepare Rs700,000, but he could only arrange Rs300,000. When her driver arrived at her door, she accepted the money but refused to leave the accused’s home, stating that she would pass over the money to the complainant’s cook and return home.

Noor Mukadam spoke to her mother on the phone for three minutes on July 19 before being killed, according to authorities. The police have already retrieved a revolver from the accused’s possession, as well as a knife, but her cellphone has yet to be found.

Two of Noor and Zakir’s shared acquaintances had previously visited the alleged killer’s home and urged him to release her, but he denied that she was staying with him. According to insiders, the suspect asked his friends if he would be imprisoned and punished if he killed someone because he is a US citizen, implying that Noor’s murder was planned.