Saturday, June 15, 2024

After the fire break out in a Karachi, five people die from suffocation

KARACHI: (Monitoring Desk) According to information, at least five persons  including two women, died of suffocation after a fire break out in Karachi in their home in Mohammed Ali Society. The fire overtook a house on the first level of a three-levels building on Miran Shah Road, according to fire department authorities.

According to the rescue information, there were 7 people in the home when the fire started and the event occurred last night.

According to police report, 5 of them were taken to a hospital while unconscious. The deceased died of asphyxia as a result of a fire, according to hospital officials. The age of died people is between 45 years to 80 years.

According to report of hospital, Sultan Mirza, Shazia, Sabiha , Farhat Mirza  and Akbar died in the massive fire break out in Karachi. A short-circuit caused the tragic fire in the home according to rescue personnel.

According to report, Farhat Mirza was a medical professor at Jinnah Sindh Medical University.

According to the fire rescue department, Sadiq Hussain a member of the firefighting team, was injured while putting out the fire. His situation is no longer in danger. According to fire rescue department, the fire blaze was put out with the help of three fire tenders.

Rescue department said, it was impossible to enter the house. As a result, we broke down the fence to enter the house and rescue the individuals.