Monday, June 17, 2024

The US dollar continued to decline, becoming even cheaper

KARACHI (Monitoring Desk) The US dollar fell another 15 paise to Rs 158.15 on the Interbank Foreign Exchange (IFEX) market on Monday, while the buying rate of the dollar rose by 10 paise in the open currency market but remained stable. According to the Forex Association of Pakistan, the purchasing rate of US dollar in the interbank market fell by 10 paise from Rs 158.20 to Rs 158.10 and the selling price fell from Rs 158.30 to Rs 158.15. In the open market, the buying rate of the dollar increased by 10 paise from Rs 157.80 to Rs 157.90 while the selling price remained stable at Rs 158.20. In other currencies, the euro rose from Rs 184 to Rs 184.50 and the selling price rose from Rs 186 to Rs 186.50, while the British pound fell by 50 paise from Rs 205.50 to Rs 205 and from Rs 207.50 to Rs 207.