Thursday, July 18, 2024

What is Pi KYC ?

What is KYC in Pi network? Since its launch on March 14, Pi Day, the Pi KYC slot deployment has been progressively increasing. Since then, the focus has been on growing the technology and establishing a crowd verification network from the ground up.

Below, we outline the KYC funnel that the network must go through in order to enlarge, as well as provide an update on recent developments and what’s coming up next.

Simply, scaling Pi KYC bandwidth demands scaling every phase of the network KYC funnel, which is divided into 3 primary steps as outlined below.

Some parts of scaling are dependent on Pioneer engagement, such as finishing the KYC registration process and requesting to become Validators, while others are dependent on system and algorithm improvements that the Fundamental Team has been working on.

Step 1: Download the Pi Browser to open the Pi KYC app after receiving a request.

Step 2: The KYC application is completed and submitted by the pioneers.

Step 3: The KYC software manages the request using machine learning algorithms and human Verifiers.

Pi KYC has the human verification workers in 77 countries and areas, accounting for around 80% of the world population.

The network is working to improve its KYC infrastructure and eliminate technical bottlenecks. This has resulted in considerable advances in the network’s ability to process KYC applications, and the excellent work will continue thanks to Pioneers’ active engagement.

Pioneers may take two key measures to help the KYC verification of network and Mainnet transfer move faster.

First and foremost, additional KYC Validators are required! The amount of successful KYC verification now relies mostly on the quantity of human Validators in each local community. If you’ve already completed KYC, we recommend applying to be a Validator.

Second, don’t forget to get the Pi Browser! Only the Pi Browser, the portal for the expanding utilities-based Pi ecosystem, has the Pi KYC app. Pioneers will be sent to the KYC app within the Pi Browser once they get an in-app notification message that their KYC slot is open.