Friday, May 24, 2024

Taliban took control on Panjshir after fight in Panjshir Afghanistan, Taliban spokenman

The Taliban announced the complete control on Panjshir. Taliban spokesman confirm that they took control on after fight in Panjshir Afghanistan. According to Afghan media, Zabihullah Mujahid said that he tried to solve the matter of area via dialogue but after persistent refusal by the other side, he has no choice but solve the issue with war.

He said that the war has been ended in the Afghanistan. The Panjshir is now under the control of Taliban Government.

Fahim Dashti, who was the spokesman of the resistance force, is killed in the fight in Panjshir Afghanistan with Taliban soldiers.

The war between the Taliban and resistance forces has been going on in province Panjshir for the past several days. Today Taliban claimed that they took complete control on the Panjshir. According to Afghan media reports, Fahim Dshti, the spokesman of the local force of Panjshir, was killed in the fight with Taliban. He was the nephew of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah.

A force key commander, General AbdulWadud, was also killed in the war with Taliban in the district Panjshir. The media inform that there are lots of Commander of resistance forces were killed in the clash with Taliban.