Wednesday, July 17, 2024

France enacts law to give Muslim children ID numbers

 PARIS (Monitoring Desk) France enacts law to give Muslim children ID numbers. In anti-Muslim animosity, France comes out in the open, which is why it does not lose every chance to hurt Muslims, and now Muslims are being surrounded by multiple laws being applied. The controversial introduction of the Republican Meaning Charter on the Muslim Community by French President Emmanuel Macron and its distribution of give Muslim children ID numbers has ignited a new controversy.

The French Council of Muslim Faith (CFCM) was granted a 15-day deadline by Emmanuel Macron to approve the charter. In this respect, on Wednesday, the eight leaders of the CFCM also met with Emmanuel Macron and Interior Minister Gerald Darmenin. The CFCM promised to set up a National Council of Imams, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation, which would formally sanction all imams residing on French soil and could be revoked in the event of a breach.

The French president’s charter states that Islam is a religion and not a political movement and that foreign interference in Muslim groups will be banned. The French government also unveiled a large-scale bill aimed at curbing radicalism. The charter contains legislation that would prohibit home schooling in the interest of combating extremism. Under the rule, an identity number would be issued to school-going children to ensure their attendance, and parents who violate the law could face up to six months in prison and substantial fines.

The bill, including a request for stricter sentences for those who threaten government officials on religious grounds, will be discussed in the French cabinet next month. On social media, these latest initiatives appear to be sharply criticized.

It is remember that France enacts law to give Muslim children ID numbers