Saturday, June 15, 2024

The clouds of World War III began to hover, nuclear warheads were set-up in the world’s seas

RIYADH (Monitoring Desk) The clouds of World War III began to hover, nuclear warheads were set-up in the world’s seas. Apparently, Russia has spoken of improving its economic and security framework by announcing plans to set up a naval base in Sudan, but in fact it is heading toward an insecure Red Sea. Kremlin security officials argue that by doing so, Russia aims to ensure peace and prosperity. When all world forces assemble around the Middle East, military specialists and observers say that.

Russia, however still needs as soon as possible to develop its presence in the sea and its feet across the warm waters. Both world forces, including Russia, the U.S., Israel, and China, are now heading toward the Middle East, East Africa, and other coasts of the East. In East Africa, China has also set up its first overseas naval base. And the funny thing is the United States has set up a naval base in the same area as well.It is remember that nuclear warheads were set-up in the world’s seas which is toward begin World War III

In this battle, Turkey is not far behind and is also heading toward the northern harbor. The presence of Russia in Sudan and then in the Red Sea, however, means that it will be able to track all sorts of maritime activities from here effectively. The Suez Canal will be influenced by all American warships in the Red Sea, in the Arab Sea, or in the future.

Nuclear boats, submarines and hundreds of soldiers will be housed at the Russian naval base. The agreement concluded between Russia and Sudan specifies that the Russian naval base is meant to uphold law and order in the region. No hurdles in some other country’s path.

Only Russian military fleets will sit and rest here and fleets will be brought in for mechanical service. There will be only four nuclear warships at a time at this naval station, according to the deal. Russia will supply Sudan with military weapons and other security supplies as well as an air defense system free of charge in exchange for authorization to develop the base.