Thursday, May 23, 2024

Another increase in COVID-19 deaths in India

NEW DEHLI: (Monitoring Desk) According to health ministry information, India reported another 3,645 Covid-19 deaths in India on Thursday, a new high for the country and an increase of over 350 as compared to previous day.

The total of 204,832 deaths COVID-19 in the India, but many scientists believe the true toll is much higher. In India, a new wave of coronavirus is spreading quickly, with nearly 380,000 cases recorded in the last 24 hours, breaking yet another world record.

Over 6 million new cases have been recorded in the India this month alone. The increase in coronavirus cases, which has been attributed to a new virus type as well as major political and religious events, has left hospitals looking for beds, medications, and oxygen.

During the 1st wave of coronavirs, the federal and state governments made significant investments in hospital and healthcare facilities. However, as the wave disappeared, so did the sense of fear to finish this.

However, it is simply not practical to increase the capacity of a public health system to a stage that would be able to deal with what we are seeing now in a year. In New Delhi, the crisis is especially serious, with people dying in front of overcrowded hospitals where three people are often asked to deal beds.