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Top 10 most beautiful National parks in UK

Top 10 national parks in UK have natural beauty. What are most beautiful national parks in UK? When you make a plan to visit park in UK, these national parks are most important for you to visit.

Dartmoor National Park UK

Dartmoor has been on the map since it was assigned as a National Park in 1951. Wild open moorlands, distinctive granite tors, ancient monuments, and a rich local history may all be found in the south of Devon.

New Forest National Park UK

The New Forest National Park is home to a large number of uncommon flora and animals, which is one of the reasons it was designated as a national park in 2005. I had such happy memories of camping in the New Forest as a youngster, and I just returned to discover that the charm is still very much alive.

It’s a place with breathtaking natural beauty. You’ll see horses, cattle, and pigs roaming freely as you drive through the countryside here in the New Forest. There’s a genuine sense of liberation here, and it’s not just for the animals. The New Forest is a great place to go for a walk, ride a horse, or go for a bike ride to soak it all in.

South Downs National Park UK

The South Downs National Park is a one-stop shop for everything. This 1,600-square-kilometre National Park in the UK’s southern area was only officially designated as a National Park in 2011. This could be one of the reasons why it’s less well-known and visited than places like the Lake District and Snowdonia. If you’re coming from London, the South Downs are significantly closer in terms of distance and can be done in three days. You’ll have more time to explore as a result.

Culture, adventure, scenery, villages, and lovely country pubs abound in the South Downs National Park. Its West Sussex neighbors include beautiful stretches of beach and cliffs (the Seven Sisters white cliffs), so you can combine them all into a highly adaptable weekend similar to what we did.

South Downs National Park UK

Exmoor National Park UK

Exmoor is a high open moorland area between west Somerset and north Devon in the south west of England. Another beautiful area to see during your journey to the United Kingdom. It is named after the River Exe, whose source is two miles north-west of Simonsbath in the heart of the district.

Broads National Park, England

The Broads National Forest in Norfolk is a picturesque network of generally navigable rivers and lakes in the English counties of Norfolk and Suffolk that is heaven for river-fares. It’s been dubbed the “Venice of the East” since it has more waterways than Venice! Whether you want to rent a boat for the day, go fishing, wander through the beautiful neighboring towns, or enjoy a pint of ale at the local pub, there’s something for everyone.

Peak District National Park, England

In 1951, the Peak District National Park was established as the United Kingdom’s first national park, and it is located near Manchester, Stoke-on-Trent, Derby, and Sheffield. So it’s one of the UK’s more northern National Parks. The Peak District is around a four hour trip from London, but be aware that during rush hour, this time can nearly quadruple.

Yorkshire Dales National Park, England

Northern England is home to the Yorkshire Dales National Park. It is home to thousands of acres of moors, valleys, hills, and villages, as well as a staggering quantity of beautiful nature.

North York Moors National Park, England

North York Moors National Park, as its name suggests, is located in North Yorkshire and was established in 1952. The Jurassic Age footprints and fossils can be found in the cliffs and rocks at the water’s edge throughout the 26 kilometres of undeveloped shoreline. Hidden bays, coastal hikes, and charming fishing villages are all worth seeing. Aside from the shoreline, this National Park is rich in wildlife.

Lake District National Park, England

Another of favorite places in the UK to visit and spend the weekend is the Isle of Wight. Mostly because of the mountains and lakes that abound in this area. The Lake District National Park is a magnificent National Park in England’s North West region that is home to England’s tallest mountain. It takes roughly five hours to get to the Lake District from London and the South East, and 1.5 hours from Manchester.

Northumberland National Park, England

Northumberland National Park is England’s most northern national park. It is one of the least populous and frequented of the National Parks, spanning more than 1,050 km of from the Scottish border in the north to just south of Hadrian’s Wall. If you’re planning a trip to Scotland, it’d be a waste not to stop here and check off some of your bucket list items.