Saturday, June 15, 2024

Ben Wallace said that the Final UK flights to Afghanistan will take ‘hours, not weeks

When the US withdraws on August 31, according to Ben Wallace, soldiers will leave airport of Kabul. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will request US President Joe Biden for an extending of that date at an urgent meeting of G7 global leaders on Tuesday, in accommodate extra planes.

Meanwhile, a Taliban spokesman stated that the party would not approve a date postponement. Suhail Shaheen stated that an extended would mean that the invasion of Afghanistan would be extended, and he cautioned of the implications if this were to alter. Thousands of people are lining up at Kabul’s international airport to board planes just over a week after the Taliban took control of the capital.

According to the BBC, 6,631 people were displaced to the UK in the last week, with 9 flights scheduled for the next 24 hours.

Citizens of Afghanistan and the rest of the world were stunned by the Taliban’s quick takeover. It occurred two decades after American-led forces removed the Taliban from power in 2001, after a settlement between the US and the Taliban.

Mr. Ben Wallace said he had spoken with his American colleague, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and that the US removal “would remove the foundation” for the rescue procedures. Mr Wallace remarked, I do not believe there is any chance of remaining on after the United States.

After the armed services minister indicated it was “not feasible” to replace US personnel in time, he made his remarks.

In reaction to the Taliban’s comments, Downing Street stated that the UK will continued to evacuate “as long as the security environment permits.” The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said the Taliban had held “discussions on the ground” about postponing the date, but authorities were still working till August 31.

Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of Labour Party, has written to Prime Minister David Cameron, requesting further details on how the UK is preparing for the mission’s following stages. He questioned Mr Johnson if he had spoken to Mr Biden about extended the departure period and if the UK and Nato allies were working on a contingency plan to “hold Kabul airport without US forces.”

The Foreign Office declared that it had dispatched five more employees to Kabul to assist with the departure, bringing the total of Foreign Office personnel in the city to 19.